Two new homes are being built in the Portland area to replace some of the homes that were torn down and demolished by the state in 2016.

The Portland Tribune reports that the homes are the first of their kind in the area.

One house, located in the PCT northwest section of the city, is being built with new steel construction and is expected to be completed in 2019.

Another, located on a property just south of Portland, is also being built to replace a house torn down in 2015.

The Tribune also reports that a new building will be built next door to the home on an industrial site in downtown Portland, and a new office building on the corner of East Broadway and East Jackson is being constructed with new construction and an updated lobby and office space.

The buildings are being called the Northwest Coast Housing Partnerships and the projects are being funded by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, which is an independent government agency.

The two new homes were designed by Portland-based architect Robert Dixson.

They are the same size as the older houses that were demolished and replaced in Portland.

Both of the new homes will have two stories of living space with separate living and dining areas.

They will also have outdoor patio space, a fireplace and a kitchen.

The new homes include a separate entrance with a fireplace, an outdoor patio and a large, high-speed Internet access point.