The design and interior design consulting firm Owl Design & Engineers, a design firm founded by Owl founder and president John Bostrom, has announced the release of its “Hawk” series, a collection of homes that combines the modern and traditional elements of the home.

Owl has also created a series of “Hawks” that incorporate both modern and classical styles. 

The “Hornbeam” is a modern-looking, three-story house in Seattle’s Downtown neighborhood.

It’s described as a “home in the middle of the city” and features a wood-paneled floor, a pool and an open plan living space. 

This house is based on the architect’s idea of a “family room” as a shared living space, according to the Owl website.

The “Hawthorn” is designed by designer Peter Wessel, who also designed the “Howl,” Owl’s “Harmony,” “The Lion and the Unicorn,” and “The House.” 

“The Hawk” series includes a series in New York and Seattle, but is set to debut in Australia and Japan later this year.

Owl will also release a second series of homes based on Bostram’s design principles, which includes a “Living Room,” a “Bedroom” and a “Kitchen.”

The first series, the “Tornado Room,” debuted in October.

The other two are scheduled to debut this fall in the “Cockpit” series and “House of the Year” series.