BOMBER DESIGNER: My style is a bit eclectic.

I can go from minimalist to the most intricate.

It depends on the subject matter and what it is that the client is looking for.

You can do something that is a simple cabin or you can do things like a boat interior that is very elaborate.

I have worked on boats, sailboats, motorboats and airplanes.

What you do with it depends on what the client wants.

I like to do something like a sailboat cabin or an airplane cabin that has a lot of decoration.

BOMMER DESIGN: I know the interior design field has been in flux lately, with a number of new entrants to the industry.

What are some of the trends you’re seeing and what is a trend that you hope to see continue?

I would say that there are a lot more new designers, especially in the interior, in recent years.

I think it’s great that designers are doing a lot, because I feel that design is still a very personal thing.

The client wants something that’s a little bit personal.

It can be a little more functional.

It’s a bit more playful.

You have to be able to be creative.

There’s still a lot that we don’t know.

But I think that there is a lot new and exciting things that are going on.