With China’s domestic league still struggling to develop, some players have started making their mark in other countries.

A new shirt in China has been created by a team in Beijing, and it is one of the most successful examples yet of Chinese football’s ability to capture the imaginations of foreign fans.

The shirt is the work of the Chinese Football Club, which will be auctioned off to fans in China. 

The shirt features the logo of the team on the chest, with the words ‘Chinese Football Club’ on the back and the words ”chinese interior decorators” across the chest. 

It is made of a lightweight material that has a matte finish, and the shirt is designed to look more like a Chinese shirt than a Western one.

The shirt has a similar design to a Chinese football shirt and has a number of features that are more recognisable than a regular shirt. 

When worn by a Chinese player, the shirt will give them a different look than a normal shirt.

For example, the sleeve is longer than a western shirt and the shoulder patch is shorter than a standard Chinese shirt.

The player will have to wear the shirt for a longer period of time before it wears off.

The shirt can also be worn with shorts.

For a closer look, watch the video below, in which a Chinese official explains the shirt to a fan in Shanghai.