RTE 2.3 million people will watch the RTE2.3M programme on Sunday night as the first ever documentary about the 1930’s interior design.

The programme will focus on interior design in Ireland, as well as the work of many of the people who have shaped our design culture.

The documentary will explore the ideas, the design, the techniques and the people behind the designs that have shaped modern Ireland.

The series is produced by RTE Studios, the company behind the award-winning RTE documentary series The Story of Ireland.

The programme is a joint venture between RTE Ireland and RTE Films.

In the series, we will explore how Ireland’s design scene changed over the course of the 20th century and the roles that designers played in shaping that evolution.

The documentaries will be shown across all RTE platforms.

The first of the two documentaries will begin with the design of a building.

We will then hear from a range of individuals who have designed and built these iconic buildings.

We will also see the building’s original architects, the original designers, and those who have since gone on to design the structures that are today known as modern buildings.

The second episode will examine the life and legacy of architect Charles C. Walker.

Walker, who designed the Irish national football team and a number of other notable buildings, including the O’Connell St building, the Irish National Library and the National Library of Ireland, is one of the most significant architects of his generation.

The show will also hear from the architect’s daughter, who will speak about the relationship that her father had with the architect, and the design that Walker created.

The RTE programme will also feature a special interview with one of his daughters.