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The design was inspired by his love of vintage furniture and his love for working on the weekends.

The space is part of a series of new office spaces designed by Mr Kurzburg, designed by architect Graham Dutton.

It is a collaboration between the architect and the owner of the local furniture store, which was named after his father, John.

The new space, known as “The Piedmont” has two rows of office chairs, a chair stand and two armchairs.

It’s also a space for coffee tables, which are now available in a small section.

It’s a place for lunch and it’s the home of the cafe.

The designer says he chose the name because the Piedmont is an Australian-style coffee shop.

He says the name reflects a timeless feeling and he was inspired to go with a coffee shop because it’s an area where there are lots of people working.

Ian Kurzberger says the design was the result of a collaboration with Graham Denton, who is the owner and operator of the coffee shop, as well as Graham Dutchess, the architect behind the design.

“I thought, this is the right place for this space, the right time, it’s