For most people, staying at a spa is about relaxing and relaxing in a way that is not too strenuous or uncomfortable.

For the majority of the population, however, the thought of living in a traditional spa is just not appealing.

What many people are missing out on is a spa’s ambiance and atmosphere.

The ambiance of a spa, in general, can vary widely.

However, one common theme is that the decor of a room is designed to evoke the atmosphere and feel of a traditional, spa-like setting.

Here are five ways to make your home more spa-friendly.


Make your home feel spa-y by adding a spa to the home design.

If you are a home owner and you love to travel, then you are likely to have a lot of options.

A spa is often one of the most popular options for adding a space to your home.

There are a lot more options out there for home decor that include more natural lighting, a more comfortable seating area, a custom spa floor, or even the addition of a bath.

If it is not possible to create a space that is spa-inspired, you can always create an element that mimics that theme and give your home a spa feel.


Create a custom room that will evoke a spa atmosphere.

To create a room that is more spalike, make sure that the room is not a traditional space and that the space has a spa vibe.

For example, you might have a traditional dining room or a large room that feels like a traditional living room.

Create the room by creating a space in which you want the room to be relaxing and inviting.

For this reason, if you have a room with no windows, you should add a window.

This window will add a little bit of a different vibe to the room, which will add to the spa atmosphere of the room.


Add a splash of color to the space.

If your room is dark and has a classic feel, you may want to add a splash or two of color into the room that adds some vibrancy and warmth to the area.

A simple, bright red can add a sense of color and excitement to the setting and add to your spa experience.


Make the spa’s décor as spa-ish as possible.

If the room has an in-room spa, the décor will also have an in a sense.

It is important that the déclos are spa-themed and will be made with the spa theme.

You may want the walls to have natural stone accents, or the ceilings to be lined with stone, or a combination of the two.

If this is not an option, you could also add an intricate tapestry to the wall or floor.


Use a splash-proof shower.

To ensure that the water and the spa are not getting mixed up, you need to use a splashproof shower that can take up to 4-6 gallons of water.

A splashproof water heater will help prevent water from getting mixed in with the water.


Use multiple fixtures to create spa-esque ambiance.

You can use any type of fixtures to add some spa-ness to your space.

For more on creating a spa-theme, check out our guide to creating spa-style décor.