The video game trailer for Netflix’s latest release, “Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare”, has a video featuring a series of shots from a studio in Thailand that is a “modern-day” rendering of an Asian interior design studio, according to an Instagram post from a user named ivy.

The video, which is currently in its first 24 hours, features shots of the studio and a series the studio has been working on.

The shots of ivy’s studio are in the form of a video clip, but the original source is not available online.

“Ivy Studio in Thailand,” the Instagram post said.

“Its a modern-day rendering of a modern day interior design design studio that they are working on in Thailand.

#Discovery #COD” The studio has also worked on projects for Sony, Microsoft, and others, but it’s unclear if ivy and her team were the first to work on a futuristic VR-inspired interior design.

Netflix also announced earlier this week that the new “Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare” game would be using a new VR version of “Dawn of War” and “The Division,” two games with a heavy VR focus that were previously announced at E3.