The interior design of the future may come down to two choices: the Swedish Interior Design program or the American interior design.

The Swedish Interior design program is considered one of the world’s best in terms of its focus on design, but the American Interior design is gaining popularity, especially among home builders and interior designers.

Swedish Interior Designer Anna Konta was featured in the first edition of the New York Times Magazine on April 7, 2017, for her interior design work.

The article was titled “The Swedish Interior Designer Who Made a Difference in the Making of Your House.”

The article was about Anna Kosta, who has a passion for interior design and who was featured as the cover model in the magazine.

Anna Kusta is best known for her work in the field of interior design in her home building and for her design for the exterior of the former United States Embassy in Stockholm.

She was one of three interior designers who worked on the design for this building.

Anna was a finalist in the 2011 International Residential Design Awards.

The building was built by Swedish firm Sämtböck.

The Swedish interior designer Anna Konsa has been the inspiration behind some of the most important interior design projects in the world.

Anna is known for creating a highly personalized and visually rich design which makes a huge impact on people’s perception of their home and the home as a whole.

The design of Anna’s design work can be described as a mix of traditional Scandinavian and American design influences.

The style of Anna Kondas design can be found in many of her projects including the new Swedish Embassy in Washington, DC, the building at the United Nations, the United States Supreme Court building in Boston, the Swedish Embassy on the Red Sea and the National Gallery of Canada.

Anna has been featured in many other publications including Architectural Digest, Architecture and Design, Home and Garden magazine, Home & Garden Magazine, Design magazine, Architectural Record and others.

Anna Kontas design is very unique and different from any other Scandinavian interior designer.

Anna’s style has been influenced by the European design tradition, which was developed in the 19th century and was very popular in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Anna started her career at the Swedish Royal Academy of Arts in Copenhagen in 1952.

Anna graduated from the Academy in 1963, and went on to study interior design at the School of Interior Design at the University of Copenhagen.

She has since worked in the construction industry and also as an architect in Sweden.

Anna’s design career started with the Swedish Government, which has been a main inspiration in her work.

Anna first started working in interior design when she was 15 years old.

Her first client was the Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme, who requested a high-end interior design studio to develop a new style of furniture.

In 1974, Anna Koss, a resident designer for the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, visited the United Kingdom and asked Olof if he would like to help with the interior design for his country’s future.

Anna worked for the United King’s College at the time, and was appointed a resident assistant to Olof, but she had a bigger project in mind.

She decided to design her own furniture, and she began working with Olof’s friend Johan Bergen, the design manager of the Swedish Museum of Natural History.

Olof asked Anna to create furniture in his style, and he agreed.

When Anna went back to Denmark, she worked with the architect Jens Ørsteg, who designed the interior of the United House of Denmark in Copenhagen.

The interior of Olofs residence, built in 1975, was one the most beautiful pieces of furniture in the country.

The United House in Copenhagen was the first and only building of its kind in the Scandinavian countries.

The original United House was also the first building in the United State to feature an outdoor balcony.

In 1990, Olof and Anna Korta built a new residence on the same site.

In 2002, Anna decided to leave Sweden and move to New York City, where she began to work in a number of different projects.

The project she worked on at the moment is the U.S. Supreme Court Building.

Anna and her team have created a beautiful piece of architecture that is inspired by the history of the Supreme Court, and the way that the Court is set up.

Anna said that she hopes to continue to do these types of projects and that she has always been inspired by American interior designs.

In 2014, Anna moved to California to design the new American Embassy in San Francisco.

In 2018, she joined the team at the U,S.

Capitol and was tasked with designing the entire building, from the Capitol dome to the State House.

Anna will continue to design new buildings in New York.

Anna has also been a pioneer in the design of interior architecture in Sweden, and her designs have been featured by the Swedish Architectural Review and Swedish Architecture Institute.

Anna is the