The old home has a lot of history and charm.

The new home is more modern, modernist and sleek.

What’s the difference?

There’s a lot to love about the old homes.

They have some timeless qualities that I feel like the new homes have.

The old homes are still very, very nice, but they’re also not as comfortable as they once were.

They’re more comfortable than modernist modernist homes.

There are a lot more modernist houses, which I think that’s one of the great things about modernist architecture, which is that it’s designed to be comfortable.

In my opinion, the old and the new houses should look very similar.

I like to think of them as two separate buildings.

Here’s how the new house should look like.

From left to right: 1.

Old home 2.

New home The new home has all of the modernist details.

It’s not so modern that it needs to be modernized.

It doesn’t have the classic design of the old house.


Old house 4.

New house The older house has more character and has more style to it.

It also has a little more personality to it than the new one.


Old House 6.

New House This house is very much a classic.

The modernist touches are very much present.

It has a sense of style that you don’t get in the new building.


Old Home 8.

New Home The newer house has a more contemporary feel to it and it’s more modern than the older house.

There’s a little bit more personality and more personality in it. 9.

Old & New Home 10.

New 2.

OldHome 1.