Sergio Agueros is one of the best known names in Italian football, but in this year’s history of the club he has also done something very special.

He has been honoured with a statue, to honour his contribution to Italian football in the 90s.

His statue has been erected at the site of the former Juventus training ground in Turin, which has been used for training grounds and has been in use by the club since the 1960s.

Aguero has been nominated by the team’s owners for the honour.

The new statue is a tribute to him, the man who took the team to the World Cup, and his contribution as a legend.

The statue was created by the group of people that is called ‘Casa Cascia’ (the Club’s Cascades), who have a team of volunteers working on the project.

The group are known for their involvement in sports projects, but also for their love of the game.

In the past they have been involved in the construction of the new Juventus Stadium, the construction work for the new Palazzo dei Campi, the renovation of the Juventus training grounds, and the construction and maintenance of the first ever pitch for the club.

A lot of time was spent building the new training ground, which is now complete, but there was a lot of work to be done in the Palazzi dei Roma, which was built for the 1995 Champions League final between Juventus and Barcelona.

The stadium was built in a style that was different from that of Juventus’ traditional training ground.

The ground was a bit bigger and had more playing surfaces.

It was a good idea for the first time in a long time, because the stadium was meant to have an atmosphere similar to the old Juventus training base, where they would train their players, but this time it was something completely different.

The project was very difficult, because there was so much construction work to do, but the result is something special, and I would like to thank the fans and all those who helped to get this project started.

The new statue was made with the help of the ‘Cascades’ and the project was financed by the ‘Bologna Committee’.

The construction of this statue is an amazing example of the spirit of football that has been here since the 90’s, and of the dedication and hard work of the Cascadians and of Roberto Mancini and the team.

The following video will give you a better idea of the history of Juventus, the current club, and Aguero.

You can also find the full text of the player’s statement on the matter at the end of this article.