As a graduate of the prestigious Design School of the Americas, I’ve seen some truly remarkable interior design masters from around the world.

They’ve all had their own unique take on the modern interior, and it can really help guide you in choosing the best piece of furniture or home decor for your home.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the best designers in the world on various projects, and I can share some tips on how to make the most of this unique style.

Below are some of my favorite pieces of furniture and home decor that were created by Scandinavian designers.

This stunning Scandinavian-inspired design studio has taken a bold turn and transformed a few pieces into an exquisite masterpiece of design.

This is the original ‘Nordic’ design of the new ‘Prairie View’ style of furniture.

The concept is inspired by the Scandinavian design and architecture, but has a modern twist.

The designer, Kristian Sjögren, has taken it to a whole new level.

In addition to designing this unique piece of interior design from scratch, Kristy, the design director, also helped design the design of this ‘Praised Interior Designer’ and ‘Fashion Designer’ piece.

The home of an old friend.

I’ve worked with this gorgeous piece of Nordic furniture since I was a child, and was a fan of the original designs until I started working in interior design.

The original pieces are quite elegant, and the design features an organic, Scandinavian twist.

Kristian and his team at Noktober, which includes the owner, created this new addition to the furniture line.

I would not be surprised if Kristian continues to make furniture like this.

This unique ‘Praise Interior Designers’ piece is made entirely of reclaimed wood, which was reclaimed from the homes of the residents of a Danish village.

The original wooden cabin with wooden furniture.

The perfect home décor.

These Scandinavian-style home découps are gorgeous pieces of home décaleau.

I love this piece, and will probably be buying more of these Scandinavian-designed furniture pieces in the future.

This ‘Favourite Danish House’ and the ‘Fantastic House’ piece by Håkan Holm are two of my favorites.

This piece is based on a traditional Danish house, and is designed with a modern Scandinavian twist to compliment its Nordic feel.

The ‘Famous House’ by Jörg Bergman has a unique Scandinavian twist, too.

The ‘Candy Tree House’ is another piece by Noktost, and a really beautiful piece of design in its own right.

The design features a large tree-shaped shape and a Scandinavian twist on the original wooden structure.

The furniture was built by a couple in their 70s, and features a ‘classic Scandinavian’ look.

A ‘Crazy House’ from the ‘Golden Age of Interior Design’ series by Luka Dvorkin is also a standout, and inspired by Scandinavian design.

This Danish house was built with the intention of being a beautiful home, with Scandinavian features.

I especially love the original, Scandinavian design elements, and love how this piece is inspired from Scandinavian architecture.

The Danish house with Scandinavian furniture.

This beautiful piece from a Danish designer has been designed in collaboration with a Swedish house.

The piece is an homage to the ‘Curious House’ in the Swedish house and features Scandinavian elements that were not present in the original design.

It is a very elegant piece of Scandinavian furniture, and one that I would love to see replicated in my own home.