by Adam Cote, EditorIn the end, what really matters is the design and the work.

For me, the most important thing about a project is to make sure the people in the room feel comfortable.

If the design is good enough for the people it will work in the rest of the house.

When the people get used to the furniture, they will adjust to it, so the furniture will feel right.

If you make the design look like something they have come to expect, the furniture is going to feel great.

It’s not just the design that counts, but the actual work that needs to be done.

I love designing my own rooms because it gives me the opportunity to do something that I love doing and not have to compromise.

The more I design, the better I get.

I also love the fact that my work always looks good, and I love that my clients don’t have to worry about making adjustments in the middle of the project.

When you have a design that is good, it gives you confidence that it will be a good one for a long time to come.

So don’t feel pressured to make a great product every time you start a project.

You can always just make the best one you can and see what happens.