Chinese interior designers and interior designers with international experience will join forces to create designs for Chinese brands in the coming years.

The Chinese Government has given them permission to use the services of their own brands, but the agencies will need to sign contracts with Chinese manufacturers to use their design services.

The companies are expected to work together to create a cohesive Chinese design ecosystem, including product lineups, brand partnerships, and other components, according to the news agency Xinhua.

The announcement comes after China’s Interior Ministry said it will create a task force to coordinate the country’s design industry in the next five years.

It said the task force will be composed of “a combination of government officials and civil society leaders.”

It did not say how many firms it would have.

“We are going to bring our experts to China and give them a lot of assistance,” Wang Guiming, the minister’s chief of staff, told reporters last week.

“We need to make the market big.”

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has already approved the first batch of firms to join the initiative.

The government has also set aside an additional $3.2 billion to help with the effort.

The government has set aside a total of $1.3 billion for the project, Xinhua reported, adding that it will be used for infrastructure projects, education, and research.

The agencies will be allowed to work with the companies directly, Xinhe and Panyu, a Chinese construction and design company, were quoted as saying.

The ministry also said it was working on the establishment of a Chinese design-services company.

The Panyus will be part of the government-led initiative, the news service reported.

The new venture will be based on the countrys design-tech infrastructure, and it will aim to produce design-focused products, Xinhuanet quoted Wang as saying on May 27.

The industry is the backbone of China’s economy, with more than 40 percent of Chinas total exports coming from its design industry.

Chinese designers have long been among the most sought-after talent in the global market, with companies like Chanel and Hermes among the top 10 most sought after designers in the world.

The Chinese government has struggled to attract foreign designers, with fewer than 30,000 foreign designers working in the country.

The country also has a shortage of skilled and experienced designers in manufacturing, which has led to shortages of products and demand for labor.