AUSTIN, Texas — The interior design of Austin is so different than anywhere else in the United States, the city has to start somewhere, said Austin resident and interior designer Adam Miller.

“The reason I was interested in interior design is because I want to feel comfortable,” Miller said.

“I want to be able to walk into a house and see it without feeling intimidated.”

Miller’s home in Austin has been designed with the intention of creating a comfortable environment for residents, and he’s not alone in that desire.

“We’re really trying to create an urban environment that allows for people to be comfortable and be safe and not worry about whether they have a seatbelt or not,” Miller told ABC News.

“It’s a place where people are able to live, work and play and we want to make sure that we’re giving people the space to do so.”

Miller is one of many designers who want to help the city’s interior designers make it work.

“A lot of the interior design in Austin is really about trying to address the issues that the city is facing and that are causing the problems,” said Miller.

“You’re really just trying to put together an atmosphere that’s comfortable for everybody.”

Miller said his designs are designed to help alleviate issues like traffic, noise and pollution.

“If you want to create a good environment for everybody and not just a few people, you have to create spaces where people can be together, where people will be able and want to connect,” Miller explained.

“There’s always going to be noise.

People need places to play, hang out, have a laugh, have something to do.”

Miller also noted that he sees a need to do more to reduce the amount of noise that residents feel.

“When you get to a certain point where you’re a place with so many cars that you’re getting up to 100 to 150 [downtown] people a day, you’re starting to start to see a negative impact on the environment,” Miller pointed out.

“And if we can just get rid of the noise, that would be the big difference in our home.”

Miller believes that his designs can be used to help improve the city.

“Some of the designs have been created to be affordable for people,” Miller admitted.

“I’ve designed one that’s $30 to $35,000 and I’ve had a couple of customers come in and tell me they’re paying $25 to $30,000 to have their home built,” Miller noted.

“So the idea is that you can go into an area and you can build something that’s affordable for that type of amount of money.”

Miller has been designing homes for 20 years, and now works on a few homes a year.

He said that while he’s been designing in Austin, he’s noticed that the same people who love their homes are also the ones who are struggling to find new places to live.

“You know, people are leaving Austin and moving out,” Miller recounted.

“People are leaving for better economic opportunities and jobs.

And that’s where the problem starts, and that’s why I started to do the interior designs.”

As long as you look at the problems, the solutions and you see the people who are going to come out of the house, that’s a sign that the problem is real.

“The interior design movement started in Austin in 2008 with the launch of the Austin Urban Design Center.

Miller said that the center is a way for architects to showcase their work and learn from others.”

But it’s really important to me that we don’t lose sight of that when we’re looking at each others’ work.””

And when we look at each other and say, ‘How are you doing?’ the other people can say, well, we’re doing pretty good, so we’re going to build this.”

But it’s really important to me that we don’t lose sight of that when we’re looking at each others’ work.

“Miller hopes that his work will help the people of Austin improve the quality of life in their neighborhoods and the quality and location of their homes.”

Just because we can’t build a new home, we don