Women are often stereotyped as more passive and passive-aggressive, but that stereotype is just one of many reasons why men prefer to wear suits and ties, according to a new study.

The research, which was conducted by a team of researchers from the University of Washington and the University at Buffalo, is published in the Journal of Men’s Studies.

The study’s lead author, University of Wisconsin–Madison psychology professor John P. Tully, said that “the masculine is an essential, if not an essential part of masculinity” and that “we’re trying to understand how that translates to the interior of our bodies and minds.”

Tully’s research also suggests that men and women might have different ideas of what is masculine.

Men, he said, are often interested in making their lives a bit more comfortable, whereas women may value personal freedom, freedom from responsibilities and intimacy.

According to Tully and co-author David Pfeffer, the study’s findings show that people are interested in the exterior of their bodies and that this interest can lead to “dramatic differences” between men and other men.

For example, while men prefer the white collar of suits and tie-dye shirts, they tend to prefer the tailored suit of black trousers, while women are more likely to prefer their own tailored suits.

“There are certainly cultural and social forces that are pushing men and men’s fashion choices to a certain extent, and the most prominent ones are the need to be able to wear a suit, but there are also a lot of other factors that are also pushing women’s and mens fashion choices,” Tully said.

“The thing is that I think that it’s not that there’s a clear set of cultural standards that define the masculine and feminine, and that is not to say that there aren’t differences, but I think we can say that women are in some ways the more feminine, because women tend to take on a more masculine persona.”

Men are also interested in wearing suits because it gives them the appearance of being masculine, while their female counterparts prefer to be more feminine.

In the study, Tully told CBC News that the study is designed to help men “understand how we can better fit into our society and how to do better on a daily basis.”

Tully said that the team hopes the results will help women make a conscious decision about how they dress, and they want to make the research available to all women interested in how to better fit in.

“We’re really trying to make a point about how women are different from men, how they can have different ways of being, and it’s really important to me that this is available to women,” Tullys said.