The Interior Design certification exam will be held on Monday, Jan. 25, 2017, in the city of Washington, D.C. The exam is part of a program aimed at encouraging and developing interior designers to become certified.

The certification is designed to provide professionals with the skills necessary to design, build, and maintain spaces that meet the needs of their clients and the community.

According to the certification exam website, the program aims to “help aspiring interior designers develop a practical and well-rounded design portfolio and provide a foundation for their future careers in interior design.”

If you are interested in applying to the program, you must complete an online application.

The requirements include working in a design office or building for at least six months, and working with at least two other professionals, including at least one who is an interior designer.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) defines interior design as “a skill that integrates the skills of interior design and architectural design.”

It is a specialized field, with more than 600 registered members in the U.K., France, Japan, Germany, the U, and Canada.

Interior designers can earn certification by taking the UIA (Uni-American Institute of Architects), an accredited program designed to encourage and develop interior designers who are also interior designers.

According the UCAQ website, this certification includes “design-related knowledge that enables you to effectively design a space, design a process, and develop a solution.”

“It’s a perfect fit for interior designers,” says Lisa Breslin, a member of the UAA board.

Breslyn is a member, and an assistant professor, of the Department of Architecture at the University of Illinois.

“This is a great opportunity for interior design graduates who want to take their skills to the next level,” says Bresline.

“We also encourage interior designers, whether they have been in interior designing before or not, to apply.”

According to Breslen, the requirements are relatively straightforward.

“You must be at least 21 years old and have a bachelor’s degree or higher,” she says.

“There are three areas of knowledge you must possess.”

In the first area, the requirement is “a knowledge of woodworking and woodworking materials.”

The second area is “design and construction principles” and the third is “architectural and engineering principles.”

Breslins qualifications include “pre-existing design skills.”

The UAA website says, “As an assistant or instructor in the interior design program, students are responsible for developing a strong background in the design field.

They are expected to work collaboratively with other students to provide support for a team and develop their own ideas.”

In a related article, the BLS says the “U.S., Canada, and Australia are the countries where interior design is the most popular career choice among professionals.”

The report also says the average salary for a senior interior designer in those three countries is $85,000, with the average in the United States at $73,000.

BLS estimates that the median annual wage for interior designer is $78,000 in the nation that has the highest median household income in the world, at $51,800.

The United Kingdom, France, and Japan are the highest-paying countries in the European Union.

According U.BLS, the median wage for a professional interior designer living in the continental United States is $76,000 and the median in the rest of the European union is $58,000 for the same work.

The BLS report says, According to U.BS, the United Kingdom had the highest proportion of people aged 25-34 with at most two years of experience in the field of interior designing, at 51.8 percent.

The UK had the third highest proportion in Europe of those aged 25 and over with the highest rate of those who had at least four years of working experience, at 47.6 percent.

Germany had the fourth highest proportion, at 49.5 percent, while the United Arab Emirates was fifth with 45.4 percent.

According Breslins website, a professional working in the Interior Designer field in the UK had an average annual salary of $72,000 with a median of $62,000 annual salary.

In the USA, Germany had a median salary of £56,000 ($70,000) with a high median of £59,500.

In France, the highest average annual pay was in the region of €84,000 (£62,800) with the lowest average salary in the area at €50,000 (€29,800).

In Japan, the lowest median annual salary was in $52,000 (-$54,600).

In the United states, the US median salary was $60,000 per year with a mean of $66,600 ($72,800), with a maximum of $88,400 (£53,100).

The UBA, in a statement, says, The UCAH