An interior design certification program in the Morocco region is being expanded to allow graduates to apply for the prestigious Interior Design Certification (IDC) in the country, a move that will allow them to compete for the coveted title of Interior Designer.

The program, which was launched in 2016, allows graduates of local schools, colleges and universities to apply to become Interior Design Certificates in the region.

Applicants are required to provide a completed application form and to provide proof of their skills in the field of interior design.

In a statement released Tuesday, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Tourism and Tourism Development (MCET) said the initiative will enable graduates from local schools and colleges to compete with graduates from foreign institutions for the title of the best interior design graduates.

“This program is part of the Ministry’s efforts to promote the best in quality interior design education in Morocco and provide the best opportunities to the Moroccan interior design industry to compete in the global market,” MCET spokesperson Sabine Mestre said.

“It is an important step for the development of Moroccan interior designs in terms of design certification and a way to increase the number of Moroccan designers in the international market.”

According to the statement, the IDC program is aimed at expanding the number and quality of interior designers from Morocco and internationally.

According a 2015 report by the Institute for Information Technology Policy (ITPP), there are over 1,000 graduates of the Moroccans primary school level in Morocco, of which around 100 graduates are accredited.

There are also over 1.5 million Moroccan nationals living in the United States, a number which is forecast to double in the next 10 years, according to the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis.

But with a rapidly aging population and the need for more people to be able to afford the luxury of home decorating, the country is also grappling with the growing trend of interior decorating and home décor.

As of 2016, the average home price in Morocco was $1.5-2 million, a figure which has risen to $4.2 million in 2017, according a report by Investec.

Morocco has also been the target of foreign investment due to the high cost of living.

With a population of over 4.5 billion people, the island nation is considered one of the wealthiest in the world, with a GDP of $11.7 billion.

Though many of the islands that comprise the country are inhabited by mostly Christian populations, the majority of the island’s citizens are Muslim.