Which of the latest French interior design styles are you going to get?

The interior designers behind Parisian landmarks like Le Bourget, Versailles, and Palais des congrès, are in the process of reviving their old favourite: the rustic. 

The idea behind these design-focused spaces is to restore a certain “fantasy” to a city that is becoming increasingly unaffordable and boring. 

“It’s a way to express a feeling of a more dignified existence,” said architect Pierre de la Toulouse-Lautrec, the director of the interior design firm Boudoir.

“We want to be more dignifying.

We want to create spaces where we can see people walking or standing in the street, and not in a cubicle.”

It’s a sentiment echoed by Boudiriers director Philippe Nachman, who said he was inspired to create a space for people to go outside after seeing his grandmother living in a “traditional French house with a wood panel door”. 

“When we see a modern house, it seems very sterile,” Nachmans told ABC Radio New Zealand.

The wood panel is not the end of the story. “

It’s not that the interior is sterile.

The wood panel is not the end of the story.

It’s the space where people are free to create and to experiment.

It is a space where the possibilities are limitless.” 

According to Boudirs director, Nachmachs work is inspired by a sense of history, and the desire to recapture that “fantastic feeling” of the old city. 

This new style of design was created by Bodu Hossain, who was born in Algeria in 1973, and raised in Morocco, France, and Spain. 

In 2002, Boudirls design studio released the book ‘Hossain’s Architecture’, which featured a series of illustrations depicting the design of buildings that had been built during the 20th century.

“The idea was to draw a picture of the history of our culture, and then to tell a story,” said Boudours architect, Nachem Nachmann. 

Nachman said that the project was inspired by Hossains “fear of change”. 

“[He was] very much against modernism,” Nachet said. 

One of the ideas that was in the book was the idea of “decorating a city by putting a façade” on top of a structure. 

However, Nakman explained that the idea was not to replace a traditional house but rather to create “an alternative to a traditional architecture”. 

According the interior designer, this new design style would be particularly useful for buildings that were already in use. 

Boudoir’s new work is being commissioned by the government and is expected to be finished by the end